Sand Race Information

Sand Race Rules & Guidelines


Test & Tune Sunday 1/31/2021, 9:00am

Location: Erma's (Sand area located between Sandy Beach and Alan Davis) Intersection of Kealahou St & Kalaniana'ole Hwy


  • Down and back (1 turn)
  • Possible Jump
  • Soft sand

Tournament Style Double Elimination

  • If you flip and can’t recover you’re out
  • Matches will be posted online and live.  Links will be on

Volunteers Needed

  • Drivers from other classes to help
    • Recover vehicles (This is to keep the races moving.  A flipped vehicle is dead)
    • Call the start (Drivers Ready, GO!)
    • Judge the winner


  • What if my vehicle flips and I can’t self recover?  DNF / Loose
  • What if both vehicles flip?  Whoever has made the most progress, possible re-run if there is a tough decision
  • What if the other guy jumps the start?  Public shaming of course and/or we could do a hands off the control start if needed
  • What if my car is not ready when it’s my turn to race?  DNF / Loose.  We want to minimize the waiting and maximize the racing.
  • What if the other guy hits my vehicle?  There will be contact, but be RESPECTFUL!  The main reason we are doing classes so a 40lbs 1:5 scale truck is not plowing into a 1:10…


  • Follow COVID guidelines, mask, social distancing
  • Pick up your trash please

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