Ohana RC Crawl Tournament

Sunday 12.3.23, Makapu’u
Drivers Meeting 8:30am, Competition will begin shortly after



  • 1:10 Scale
  • Double elimination bracket tournament, drivers will compete head to head.
  • Course will consist of 10 Gates
  • Each driver will have two attempts at each gate.
  • During each attempt, the driver will have a maximum of two minutes to complete the gate. Note: you must complete the gate in the direction indicated on the gate. No reversing through the gate.
  • A gate touch will be considered a failed attempt. A failed attempt will force the driver to move to the back of the lineup.
  •  A successful gate completion is when all four-wheel nuts have moved through the inside boundary of the gate prior to the two minutes. Once the gate is successfully completed the gate will be considered no longer active. Therefore, colliding with the gate will not be a penalty.
  • If a rollover occurs at any time after a driver has started the heat, they are allowed to self-right (without Hand of God) with no penalty.  However, If the driver is NOT able to self-right and the judge is requested to touch / Hand of God the vehicle it will be considered a failed attempt.
  • No winching


  • Scale rail rigs C-channel rigs, flat chassis rail rigs (Photos are common rigs used and found to be acceptable in this competition.)
  • Chassis must be at least the same length as wheelbase
  • Must have a body


  • Motor on axle style rigs
  • Twin vertical chassis
  • Any rig in question will need to be presented to the Event organizer and a ruling will be made prior to the rig entering the competition.