808 Rock Race

General Rules & Info *2021 COVID Edition

Sunday 8/29/2021, Course will be open 9am-4pm

Pupukea Beach Park 59-727 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712

Event Type:

This is a scale rock race to try and mimic the King of the Hammers style racing.  Unlike racetracks where there are people flipping you over if you make a mistake, this race has you on your own to finish the race in scale fashion.  

About the Course:

- Typical course length ranges from 0.5 mile to 3 miles.

- The course travels over some of the most treacherous terrain.  The course will cover anything from fast smooth sections, loose sandy washes, to technical lava rock sections

- There may be designated sections assigned to force specific crawling challenges, otherwise it will be an open racecourse between Race Markers.


    • Maximum tire height 4.75”, outer diameter per manufacture specs
    • No rim size restriction
    • No motor on axle (MOA)
  • CLASS 1
    • See SORRCA Class 1 Vehicle Requirements / Specs
    • No scale points
    • Click HERE

Clock never stops, repairs, battery changes, take a poop, clock is running

Note - If you run in a group or with a partner consider everyone having their own timer.  If you all start and finish at the same time you all will be tied.

How / Where do we start and finish?

  • The Start / Finish will be set up in an obvious location.  Line your truck up behind the line and start your timer.  Once you complete the course (gates 1-10) drive back through the Start / Finish and stop your timer.

How many times can I run the course?

  • As many times as you want, send in your best time

Can I run more than one vehicle?

  • Yes, just send in your best time.  Only one vehicle per class will be ranked

What if I accidentally skipped a gate?

  • Gates must be completed in order 1-10 then back through the Start/Finish.  Example- If you realized you missed gate #3 when you got to #4 you must go back and complete #3 before #4.

What if I hit or touch a gate?

  • If you touch or hit a gate, go back to the last completed gate.  Carry your truck back to the prior gate.  Line up your rear axle with the gate and begin driving.  If another driver is driving the gate wait for them to complete or do your best to line up as close as possible without interfering with the other driver.

What if my battery dies or I need to do a repair?

  • Clock continues to run.  If you have a spare battery or parts on board (on the truck) you may swap and continue from the point of the stall.  If the battery or parts are not on your truck you must restart from the prior gate(in your backpack or pocket is not on your truck). Etiquette - Move out of the way of other drivers if needed and start from the point of the stall.

What if I need to go back to the pits or my car? (Battery, repair, take a poop, drink of water, etc…)

  • Clock continues to run.  Must restart from the last completed gate.

When is a Gate completed?

  • A gate is completed once both rear axle nuts have passed through.  Same for Finish line.

What direction do I go through the gate?

  • Gates must driven through forward, Red on the Right.  No reversing through the gate then driving back through forward.

What is a scale recovery?

  • A scale recovery is when you use a winch and/or a tow line to flip a vehicle or pull out of a trouble spot.  Tow lines typically involve another vehicle.
  • What is NOT a scale recovery?
    • Hand of God - Reaching down and flipping or repositioning your truck
    • Pulling your tow line with your hand to recover your rig
    • Winching to your shoe or other human body part

How do I send in my results?

  • DM via Instagram or Facebook to @ohana.rc
    • Driver Name - John Doe
    • Class - Open or Class 1
    • Rig Type - SCX 10 II
    • Tire Size - 4.75 Hyrax
    • Did not finish - DNF, please send in if you made an attempt
  • Every one who sends in a result including a DNF will be entered into the raffle
    • Winners will be announced later in the week
    • Prizes can picked up at the shop

How do we know everyone will be honest?

  • We don't but if you see someone cheating, let’s publicly shame them.  

What do I win?

  • Fame, glory and bragging rights.

Trail assistance and teamwork is HIGHLY encouraged. This whole thing is for fun!